About Me

Hello there! My name is Sara Cantrell; owner and photographer at Cantrell Photography.

While I was initially going to school to become an elementary school teacher, my passion for photography had amplified and I couldn’t resist taking photo classes at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO. With one year left before finishing a teaching degree, I decided to switch my major, travel abroad, and eventually graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and minor in Art. Crazy right?!

Soon after graduating I reached out to some amazing photographers in the Kansas City, Missouri area and began assisting/second shooting/learning from them while working a full time job in my hometown of Sedalia, MO. and getting the ball rolling with my own business.

I have been capturing Weddings and Portraits FULL TIME now since the Summer of 2016 and it has been the greatest gift in the world!

It’s like I took a personality test for what job would be most fulfilling and out popped photographer!

Balancing the business side of photography with the creative side matches so well with my personality. I couldn't imagine doing anything else! I love love LOVE getting to know people and their stories along with capturing their true selves+amazing moments in life.

It is honestly the greatest pleasure in the world to be trusted with capturing images that will be treasured for generations. My own personal photos of family and friends mean SO much to me. I understand how priceless it is to have these images to look back on.